Here are some famous computer games about football:

Playing soccer can be an entertaining pastime for those looking for relaxation and excitement.

Rocket League Sideswipe
In Rocket League Sideswipe, car games and soccer collide! For mobile devices, the creators of the popular Rocket League game have completely reimagined multiplayer soccer on cars.
Mini Football
Put on your cleats and get ready to take the field in a new game. Easy to learn and a fresh approach - just what you need for a great soccer game! Mini Football offers casual gameplay while staying true to the spirit of the original game.
Soccer Stars: Football Kick
Soccer Stars features simple and fun gameplay and great physics! Get into the spirit of great sport, challenge your opponents from all over the world by organizing network soccer matches!
New Star Soccer
Welcome to New Star Soccer, "The best soccer game for mobile and tablets." (Eurogamer). A soccer game universally recognized and adored by players and the gaming press.